PCB Manufacturing Capabilities

Comprehensive Range Of PCB Capabilities

We offer a comprehensive range of printed circuit board capabilities to satisfy all of your PCB needs! Pcbbasket.com is a professional circuit board manufacturer located in Shenzhen China.
Below is a review of our PCB fabrication capabilities. However, we are continually investing in better machinery and technology in order to improve our circuit board manufacturing. We use the modern hi-tech equipment to manufacture both production and proto PCB. We focused on custom requests from our clients ranging from proto circuit boards to large volume PCB manufacturing of the highest quality.

PCB Capabilities Table

# Items Standard Advanced
1 Number of Layers 1-16 layers 1-28 layers
2 Board Min Size 0.4 inch (10 mm) 0.4 inch (10 mm)
3 Board Max Size 26 inch (650 mm) 26 inch (650 mm)
4 Board Material FR4-130Tg FR4-130Tg, FR4-150Tg, FR-170Tg
5 Mask Color Green Green, blue, red, black, yellow, white
6 Board Thickness 0.062 inch (1.6 mm) 0.125inch (3.0 mm), 0.093inch (2.4 mm), 0.078inch (2.0 mm), 0.062 inch (1.6 mm), 0.047inch (1.2 mm), 0.031inch (0.8 mm) and 0.016 inch (0.4 mm)
7 Finished Copper 1 Oz (35 µm) 0.5 Oz (18 µm), 1 Oz (35 µm), 1.5 Oz (52 µm), 2 Oz (70 µm), 2.5 Oz (87 µm), 3 Oz (105 µm), 3.5 Oz (122 µm) and 4 Oz (140 µm)
8 Surface Finish HASL-Lead-free HASL Lead-free, Lead Free HASL - RoHS, ENIG - Electroless Nickle/Immersion Gold - RoHS, Immersion Silver - RoHS, Immersion Tin - RoHS, OSP - Organic Solderability Preservatives - RoHS
9 Solder Mask Both sides Both sides, top side, bottom side, none
10 Silk Screen Top Both sides, top side, bottom side, none
11 Legend Print Color White White, Yellow, Black
12 Min Hole Size 0.006inch (0.15mm) 0.006inch (0.15mm), 0.008inch (0.20mm), 0.012inch (0.30mm), 0.016inch (0.40mm)
13 Min Space Width 0.006inch (0.15mm) 0.003inch (0.076mm), 0.006inch (0.15mm), 0.008inch (0.203mm), 0.010inch (0.254mm), 0.012inch (0.304mm), 0.014inch (0.355mm), 0.016inch (0.406mm)
14 Inspection Class Class 2 Class 2 or Class 3
15 Gold Fingers No Yes
16 Gold Fingers Chanfer None 20, 30, 45
17 Slots No Yes
18 Electrical Test Yes Yes