Express PCB Manufacturing

A Balance Among "PCB Quality", "Time Of Delivery", And "Cost Of PCB Fabrication"

In recent years the dramatic growth of technology and product development has led to high demands in Express PCB delivery. Any new board design in every R&D department follows by a new printed circuit board manufacturing which is expected to be done as quickly as possible.

Since PCB manufacturing cost is negligible compared to engineering/design cost, it is essential to manufacture and deliver prototype boards in a fast manner. Therefore, time plays a critical role in Express PCB manufacturing.

In addition to time, quality is also equally important due to the fact that debugging a poor quality PCB requires hours of costly work by engineers and technicians. What we promise is a quick turnaround service while quality is not sacrificed.

At we offer a balance among PCB quality, time of delivery, and cost. Our goal is to optimize services in order to meet varieties of demands.

Our team of engineers, technicians and workers, work around the clock to convert your design files into a real Circuit Board. They also ensure that the manufactured board passes electrical tests.

For fast fabrication of PC Boards, we utilize flying probes to quickly test them all. Therefore, you can be highly confident in using the boards, and concentrate on circuit debugging rather than debugging of actual manufactured PCB board.

Please note that we will reproduce the boards if for any reason you are not satisfied with our quality.

For our capabilities and list of technical features that we can produce, please visit PCB capabilities.