About PCB Basket

What PCB Basket Does!

Pcbbasket is a printed circuit board or PC Board Fabrication company. Pcbbasket produces PCB for variety of industries with decent quality as it possesses 60,000 Sq. Ft. facility in Shenzhen China.

Circuit Board Fabrication is done in our factory in Shenzhen China and we will ship it pretty much to any destination Globally. To facilitate the ordering and make the process easy and quick, we provided this website to help you place your order quickly and control the speed of production.

Therefore, the quoting mechanism provides you with the best pricing options based on the board features and time of manufacturing.

We can deliver fast with reasonable cost and still maintain the quality. Pcbbasket will be your single source of PCB for future, as we stand behind our motto.

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Order Printed Circuit Boards From Pcbbasket

  • Automatic quick PCB quote 
  • Timely customer service by knowledgeable staff 
  • Our PCB fabrication provides the best quality control
  • All orders will be checked by our engineers before circuit board manufacturing
  • Low cost PCB guarantee
  • PCB manufacturing services specifically for prototypes, small quantity orders, with quick turn time
  • Proto PCB design service through Arshon Technology Inc.
  • Free various colors of solder mask and legend print
  • We accept orders for any rush PCB quantity
  • Your express PCB order will be delivered in time